Thursday, July 2

New posts

I am working on three blog posts concurrently. The first is about apathy towards poverty. More specifically, why does the level of care diminish when the poverty is further away. The second is a case study of three large institutionalist churches (the catholic church, the mormon church, and the protestant church), and how they are structured in ways that provokes dysfunctional behaviour. The third is the requirement for Christians to deny retributive justice, possibly integrated into a "five ways to be more Christ-like" type of devotional reading.

At least one should be finished this month. Feel free to comment with your own thoughts on these issues, or tell me which of these you'd most likely want to read.


Blogger Micah Hoover said...

The one about callousness toward the poor sounds interesting. I can't recall the topic being discussed in detail before. It's been on my mind.

9:31 AM  
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Blogger Super Balst said...

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