Thursday, August 7

The Quiet Revolution: Part 1

The Quiet Revolution: Part 1

Whether it is good or not is up to you, but by far it is the longest article I have written for the blog. I hope everyone can get at least something out of it. Feedback very welcome!


Blogger edward said...

Nice read Tim. Lots of work...well done. I think the "Kingdom of God" for the poor is the most conflictive aspect of Christian theology, especially in a day and age of some many modern evangelists preaching prosperity doctrine...and getting rich from Christian TV. I concurr that the continued true and hard work of true Christians is helping the poor. Of course that brings up some issues because it is hard to help the poor if you are poor yourself. So maybe it comes down to the test of belief...or that to whom much is given, much is required. Maybe its easier to be poor than to have and give away? It is easier to believe in a simple, childlike way when you havent been afforded an education or taught to question everything or gotten caught up in materialism. This is still a life long debate that has been going on within myself since early Christianhood:)

Keep up the good work and thinking...


12:40 PM  
Blogger blaire said...

I do agree with edward...really good work!!!

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Celeste said...

Unfortunately, the link does not seem to work. I really appreciate your site. It amazes me that you are so young. Celeste

10:23 AM  

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