Tuesday, March 14

Quick Update

It has been quite awhile since I last updated so I thought i'd let you all know what has been going on. My second year at university has begun so my motivation to read and write outside of what I am studying has been sapped almost completely, but I will work to get new posts up on occasion and also make some progress in my other writing projects.

A few topics I plan to write about in the near future:
- The role of the church in a seeker's life.
- Christ's death and ressurection, was it really the main event?
- How the modern church neglects Jesus and gets away with it.
- The disciples and what we can learn from them as modern followers of Christ.
- The absurd notion that Christians surrendur their autonomy and freedom to God; why this never actually happens and why it is outrageous to a Christian Existentialist.

Also, the book will take quite a bit longer than originally anticipated but I was working on it during the holidays. Expect an outline of the book's content soon. I am 1700 words into the short story I am writing, I will finish the draft then work on a final copy then post it here (or if it's really good consider publication). Finally, just a reminder that if any reader of this blog would like to contribute an article to this site I will put it down as a "guest post" and give you full credit for it.



Blogger Luthsem said...


This is all interesting stuff. I am actually interested in the Christ's death and resurrection post.
I understand the busyness of university life. What is your major?

1:09 PM  
Blogger Timothy said...

Ahoy luthsem,

My major is politics, and I take electives in philosophy. My post on Christ's death and resurrection will be interesting for me as well. It is one of those future posts where I don't have any clear definable answer in my head at the moment, just a bunch of random thoughts, frustrations, and verses. When I go to write it hopefully these will mold into coherent ideas and lucid writing.

10:25 PM  
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