Tuesday, July 26

My Search for a Church

A few days ago I decided to be honest with myself. The two churches I am currently attending (and have been attending for a long time) do absolutely nothing for me spiritually. Sure it is grand to see friends, family, and a pastor I respect at the one place, but if church is to become anything more than a social event I need to find something more.

This change of attitude towards my church has been gradually developing inside of me for quite awhile. Every week it gets reinforced as the singing/prayer/fellowship/preaching does nothing to fill my desire to truly worship God. Lately at home I have been dedicating time each day for both normal and contemplative prayer, which has been fantastic. All I need to do is find a church that gives me that same sense of God-presence that I crave during a church service.

So accordingly I have been looking around at the different churches/denominations that are relatively close to me (although I have not attended any yet), and I hope to find something that itches right where I am scratching. I am thinking of something more classical/liturgical in style, so both the Anglican and even Catholic churches have sparked my interest. Theological difference means almost nothing to me now, considering I will most likely encounter it wherever I go. The main things I am looking for is a respect for other peoples beliefs and a worship style that I like.

I really pray that I will be able to find something, because If I don't I can really see myself becoming a "Churchless Christian" sometime in the next year.


Blogger Gaunilo said...


I completely second your sentiments. I don't know your background, obviously, but I know that a significant part of my migration was the sense (theologically as well as aesthetically driven) that a church grounded in the tradition and liturgy was a much more adequate expression of the faith as I had come to understand it. For my part, I have really come feel good about Anglicanism - particularly the high church, anglo-catholic mode of worship.

It's a way of being church centered around the liturgy and the community of faith rather than doctrine or social events or any kind of feel-good Christianity. That to me is tremendously attractive.

Best wishes in your search!

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